I’m @onthedale

I’m from the westside of Fayetteville, NC; specifically Cliffdale & Raeford area, and this is where “ONTHEDALE” originates from. As a black teen growing up in Fayetteville, NC, it can seem like the only way out is shooting a ball or writing a rhyme. Rap artist, J. Cole (@realcoleworld), and future NBA superstar, Dennis Smith Jr. (@desmith4), are real life examples that make the possibility seem more realistic. Sadly, almost none of the youth of Fayetteville will reach their childhood dreams of being a famous performer or professional athlete. You grow up your whole life hearing “what’s your plan B?” Why is it that everybody wants to distract you from your goals? How could you ever reach plan A if you spend your time preparing for plan B? ONTHEDALE serves as a source of reassurance that you actually can do anything you put your mind to and a reminder that this world is much smaller than it may seem at times. ONTHEDALE hopes to inspire all members of society from young to old purple and yellow to challenge themselves to beat the odds stacked against them and be all that they can be.

Peace & Love,