What’s good,

First I want to say I apologize for the inconsistency. This semester has been way more challenging than I anticipated, but this serves as no excuse. I haven’t forgot about those of you who have submitted your work to be featured during Halftime and I appreciate you guys for the submissions, seriously.

With all that said, I have taken time to handle a lot of administrative tasks and have decided that the blog may need to be tweaked a tad for me to handle everything. This year will be full of different endeavors and the most difficult part of it all will be balancing everything. I don’t want to spread myself too thin, but I don’t want to neglect any project for too long due to lack of time and/or energy. My solution to this is to offer the Warm Up as a monthly post, the Sideline Story as a bi-weekly, Halftime as an all day everyday, T’d Up as a bi-weekly, and Pep Talk whenever I feel like opening up to you all.

For those creatives out there looking to be featured please bare with me, I try my very best to respond as quickly as possible. There will be a frenzy of posts in the upcoming days to make up for lost time. In the meantime, browse the site and visit soundcloud.com/onthedale.

Peace & Love,



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