When we talk about our nation’s history we cannot continue to discuss it without bringing up racism. Even today, to talk about the United States without discussing racism would be an outrage. We are nearly 50 years away from the Civil Rights movement and the progress towards a country with equal opportunity is being swept away and equality for all still seems like a far reach, maybe even farther than before?


In early August, the racial tension in America reached its boiling point. White nationalists (supremacists, alt-right, pigs, etc., whatever you want to refer to them as) rallied in protest of the removal of a memorial in honor of the Confederacy. In response, a protest protesting their protest began to gain support. How American, right?

Initially, when I noticed the posts across social media about the matter I thought nothing more of the Charlottesville riots than a bunch of Nazi punks finding a way to get attention. I thought the rally would blow over and be easily forgotten. It wasn’t until our president, Donald Trump, failed to release a statement regarding the manner that my attention grew. Then, he releases the weakest excuse for a public statement that I have ever heard. I mean I thought Bush was a little off, but Trump does not care for the American citizen whatsoever. As a president your duty is to reassure the country of its principles and values when those principles and values are being challenged. “There are faults on both sides,” should be understood as this: Racists be smarter with your racism, and all you coloreds stop crying. There are people who are terrified and fear for their safety and you would rather point out the flaws of black protesters.

The most amazing thing that happened as a result of the series of events that occurred in Charlottesville was former president Barack Obama’s tweet:

Obama tweeted this less than 48 hours after the violence erupted. The tweet itself became the most liked tweet ever in less than three days and it took our current president nearly two days to even issue a statement. Isn’t it amazing how a man with no standing obligation can use his following to send positive energy compacted into 140 characters or less and a picture into the world with the push of a button? While the man who actually is obligated uses his 140 characters to prove why he isn’t qualified for the position and tear others down. I am not surprised by Donald Trump’s conduct as president over these past months, but I am disappointed. I never took him as a compassionate individual, but surely him being the business man that he is he must know the importance of ethics. Or maybe he just doesn’t care and is going along for the ride. I mean, if you and your family were going to be rich whether the country burned to the ground or not, would you care?

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