What’s good y’all? It’s @onthedale and this is my blog, 4th Quarter. 4Q is dedicated to my fourth, and hopefully last year of undergrad. The first three years, quarters, whatever you want to call them, have been real. In sports, especially basketball, the first three quarters of the game set the mood for the last. I am using that same competitive mindset and applying into my last year of undergrad. It’s crunch time. The pressure is on and everybody is watching. I feel like I’ve been through a vast variety of situations that gives me a pretty clear perspective of the world around me. I have taken L after L as the semesters have rolled by, but that hasn’t stopped me from going on. I have learned a lot and I am ready to win. This is a blog dedicated to young adults, that aspire to further their education both formally and non-formally. 4Q will cover up and coming talent, political topics, social events, social media trends and much more.

The Warm-Up

I will give a sneak peek of what I have in store for you all for that week and a slight recap of what I covered the week before. During the Warm-Up I’ll be talking about my goals/responsibilities for the week and/ or any worries I might have going into the week.

Sideline Stories

The Sideline Story will feature some current event that has stirred up conversation or controversy. I aim to stay as current as possible with the topics discussed during the Sideline Story. Typically, I tend to stay up to date with current events, but I am human and tend to get distracted by my personal life. You know bruh got bills and adult stuff like that.


Halftime will be where I will feature something new that I have came across. These posts will range in variety, from a restaurant I’ve never tried (especially in Charlotte) to a social event that I attended. I will try to cover as many events for creatives that I can; like art shows, concerts, etc, and I will also try to feature as many talented creatives and their work as I can. These creatives will include, but are not limited to rappers, producers, singers, photographers, painters, and so on. I hope to give these creatives a platform that both acknowledges their talents as well as motivates them even further.

T’d Up

T’d Up is where I will try to feature a new playlist every week and discuss the reason behind my choice of songs and how they fit with my mood for that week or my mood going into the weekend. I hope to expose you to artist that you’ve never heard or even songs by artist you like that you’ve never heard of or forgotten about. I will try my best to include different genres, but typically the playlist will consists of R&B and Hip-Hop/Rap.

Pep Talk

Fridays will be used for me to talk about something random that has been weighing heavy on my mind. I will try to get a range of different perspectives on the said topic to show the range of different ways to look at something. I am a firm believer in subjectivity and I think it should be a huge consideration when you discuss your own beliefs.

With 4Q, I hope to present you with a different way of looking at things and hopefully I persuade you to question the things around you before you accept them for what they are. I hope you all enjoy 4Q and feel free to leave feedback in the comments.

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